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Medical Information Engineering Profile

The department of medical information engineering is a teaching unit set up in Zunyi Medical University, its taget is to cultivate talents to suit the development of economic society , especially for medical information construction . At present, there are 3 professionals : Information and Computing Science (Medical Informatics), Medical Information Engineering,Internet of Things Engineering. There are 36teachers, including 8 doctoral, master 19, teachers and 10 senior titles, intermediate title 13 people; in addition, there are 3 visiting professors, a migratory bird type talents, and four grade students more than 200 people in total; there are around with 360 teaching computers, 6 laboratories, 8 professional classroom, 1 activity room for student Party member. 1 Engineering Research Center, Teaching construction area is about 2000 square meters. It has one national medical information technology training and certification of face-to-face training base, and takes on national computer technology and software technical qualifications (level) examination test. The Department takes care of the whole school "computer foundation" curriculum, "higher mathematics" course , the Information and Computing Science (Medical Informatics) , Medical Information Engineering,Internet of Things Engineeringprofessional nearly 50 professional courses. In recent years, the Department has undertaken the teaching reform project of more than 10 and more than 20 natural science fund project.

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